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Novice lessons

Everyone has to start learning at some point and your time has just arrived!

Like all learner drivers you may feel a little apprehensive, but our quality and experienced instructors will help you find your feet and soon you will be mastering the skills of how to drive.

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Nervous Drivers

When your nerves get in the way of learning to drive it's very frustrating for you isn't it - we know! We have helped so many learner drivers overcome their nerves and help them pass their driving test with safe life-time driving skills.

Our appreciative instructors will tailor your lessons to your needs and you'll soon be smiling as your driving nerves become a thing of the past.

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Experienced learners

You have already mastered the controls of the car and are quite happy to drivewith a friendly and experienced instructor next to you.

Your next step is to develop safe driving skills and pass your driving test andour 'experienced learner' range of lessons will be ideal for you!

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Motorway Lessons

Congratulations you have passed your driving test and now you want to be extra careful and make sure you know how to drive on the busiest of roads - motorways!

3 and 4 lanes of traffic at high speeds is a totally different concept to what you have been used to, so our specially designed lessons will suit you perfectly.

You'll be a safer driver and a more confident motorway user.

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Mature learner

Over the age of 17 and want to take your driving test?

Not everyone passes their driving test when they're 17, 18 or 19.

Like you some people can be a little bit older when they learn to drive and with it bring new life experiences and perhaps require a different approach to learning in order to match your needs.

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Instructor Training

Learn all you need to know about becoming an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

We are the lead 'Smart Driving Approved' trainers in the Nottingham / Derby area.

You will receive top quality training with no fuss, no gimmicks and no hard selling, just all the advice and answers to your questions from the UK's largest driver training experts.

Call us and let us answer your questions 07752 283132


Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a course designed by the Driving Standards Agency specifically aimed at newly qualified drivers. One in five drivers are involved in an accident within a year of passing their test. Pass Plus is designed to extend and build on the skills learned to pass the driving test.

The Pass Plus course consists of 6 modules...

  • driving in town
  • driving in all weathers
  • driving on rural roads
  • driving at night
  • driving on dual carriageways
  • driving on motorways

There's no examination to pass at the end of the course, and on completion you'll receive a certificate to record your acheivement. You may also be entitled to a discount on your car insurance.

For more details see the Pass Plus website or call me on 077522 83132.